September 13, 2017

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Stop poison gases from rising into Pompton Lakes families’ basements!

USEPA FORUM Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Involvement Forum - Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes Presentation - Monday, March 18, 2013

Pompton Lakes Community Advisory Group (CAG) Ad in Suburban Trends, October 7, 2012



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The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes News Feed is in need of updating. We are a volunteer organization and do our best to keep news current.

EPA Urged To Fortify Vapor Mitigation Systems Against Power Outages

EPA Injects Further Delay in Dupont Mercury Cleanup of Pompton Lake

Pompton Lakes resident writes protest song about the Plume

Music Video Tries to Get Christie's Attention for Polluted Pompton Lakes

Gov. Christie Now Knows The Tapes Exist – Will He Watch the Dupont Pompton Lakes Video Tapes?

Gov. Chris Christie has a town hall meeting at Raritan Valley Community College

Talk of merging two Pompton Lakes CAGs off to a rough beginning

USEPA Forum Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Involvement Forum Presentation (All Presenters)

Cancer survey spurs finger pointing in Pompton Lakes

Cancer Cases Elevated in Pompton Lakes

Channel 7 News - Cancer Cluster in Pompton Lakes?  Reporter - Toni Yates

News 12 NJ - Pompton Lakes Residents Concerned About Cancer Reports
News 12 New Jersey - Cleanup On the Way for Lake in Passaic County

Important document found by the Edison Wetlands Association during their recent file research project at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in Trenton, NJ.  This document is from 1982 when a Hazard Ranking was completed on the DuPont/Pompton Lakes Works contaminated site in Pompton Lakes, NJ!  The Hazard Ranking System (HRS) is one of the key tools utilized for rating for a contaminated site to be designated a Super fund site.  For a site to be considered for Super fund status, the site's hazard ranking score must be at least 28.5.  The ranking score for this site in Pompton Lakes was 65+ in 1982 which did not include the mercury or vapor intrusion contamination which is part of our serious contamination problem today.  Note the mention of contaminated wells and the listing of  benzene as one of the contaminants!  Why was the public never told??

Click on the links below to view this document labeled "Confidential - Not for Public Release" in its entirety:

Hazard Ranking Score Document, 1982 - No. 1

Hazard Ranking Score Document, 1982 - No. 2

Hazard Ranking Score Document, 1982 - No. 3

Related publication:
Open Letter to My Friends in Pompton Lakes - Bill Wolfe

Click on the links below:

Note first and second public meeting comments. Important contamination issues were brought forward to our local government officials by the residents which include the Hazard Ranking System Score (HRS) of the DuPont Pompton Lakes Works facility performed in 1982 time-frame.  Our score was high and did not include our mercury and vapor intrusion contamination at the time the ranking was performed. 

EPA should release
information on contaminated N.J. sites

EPA sued for release of toxic rankings

N.J. environmental group asks feds to release ratings of toxic sites

P.E.E.R. News Release - LAWSUIT TO UNCOVER TOXIC HISTORY OF NEW JERSEY — U.S. EPA Will Not Release Hazardous Ratings for Pompton Lakes and Other Sites

Residents talk with DEP and EPA about the cleanup of the Pompton Lake

Dupont Pompton Lakes Site of National SignificanceDuPont says soybean oil plan no good

Congressional leaders request full health study in Pompton Lakes

For Immed. Release: Senators and Congressmen request CDC study of health effects due to chemical contamination in Pompton Lakes

Mercenaries Now Fully In Charge of Toxic Site Cleanup in New Jersey

 The residents in Pompton Lakes that have been devastated by Hurricane Irene need your help!

Polluters Rewriting Rules for Site Cleanup
Pompton Lakes residents have questions for DuPont

New voice for Pompton Plume residents holds first meeting
Just The Facts

New group aims to give Plume residents a voice

Documents Show Dupont, EPA, and DEP Knew Of Pompton Lakes Vapor Problem for Seven Years Before Warning Exposed Residents

Click on the link below to view Brand New Video!

NGM Exclusive Video: USEPA Community Group failing Pompton Lakes cancer cluster

Click below to view recent articles in the Ramapo Lookout!

Pompton Lakes Haunted by the Ghost of DuPont

by Dan Savino

DuPont: Pompton Lakes Site Still a Source of Conflict After 25-Year Clean Up By Deanna Dunsmuir

Click on link to the article or see below:

Two members of Community Advisory Group Step Down

Click on the links below to view some of the comments submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Re:  Consideration to adding vapor intrusion component to the Hazard Ranking System!  Link also provide below to review all comments submitted - 83 total!

Senator Robert Menendez's Letter In Response To The Opportunity for Public Input Potential Addition of the Vapor Intrusion Component to the Hazard Ranking System

Adding Vapor Intrusion to the USEPA Superfund Hazard Ranking System (HRS) By Executive Director, Lisa Riggiola, Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes

Edison Wetlands Association's Toxic Coordinator Dana Paterson Adding Vapor Intrusion to the USEPA Superfund Hazard Ranking System

Pompton Lakes Resident Michael Garbe's Comments on EPA consideration of the addition of Vapor Intrusion Contamination to the Hazard Ranking System

Clean Vapor President Thomas Hatton's April 16, 2011 Comment Letter to the EPA on the Addition of Vapor Intrusion to the Hazard Ranking System

Edison Wetland Association's Executive Director Robert Spiegel Position Brief: The Need for Vapor Intrusion in SuperFund Ranking Criteria

View all comments submitted to the USEPA on the addition of the vapor intrusion component to the Hazard Ranking System (HRS)

Just released today, - click on the link below:

DuPont – Too Big to Jail

Listen to PEER's Bill Wolfe on WBAI's Wake Up Call this morning, subject: DuPont contamination in Pompton Lakes. In the top right corner, click on "download". Fast forward to time 30 minutes 50 seconds.
Story runs for 12 minutes. Great interview!
News Release!  PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) Click on the link below:

STRONG FEDERAL ACTION NEEDED NOW AT TOXIC JERSEY DUPONT SITE — Spreading and Uncontrolled Contamination in Hundreds of Pompton Lakes Homes


The Suburban Trends, Reporter Leslie Scott - click on the link below:

EPA to hold listening session on vapor intrusion in Pompton Lakes and other parts of NJ

The Record, Environmental Reporter James O'Neill - click on the link below:

Pompton Lakes residents barred from suing DuPont

Recent Article from Wolfenotes - click on the link below:

F is for Fraud – S is for Shame – and D is for Dupont

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Senators Lautenberg, Menendez and Congressman Pascrell for their continued support and assistance in helping those living in contaminated areas in Pompton Lakes and throughout the state of New Jersey!

Click on the link below:

Senators Lautenberg, Menendez and Congressman Pacrell's March 14, 2011 to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson


This is a travesty for many residents living in the contamination and beyond.  Many residents voiced that  they were not comfortable with the Borough of Pompton Lakes elected officials vote to pass a resolution Not to Support Superfund "at this time".   The residents that came out in Support of Superfund at the March 23rd Council Meeting spoke honestly and openly in hope that the resolution would not move forward!  Meanwhile...We won't back down, we will stand our ground...there is no easy way out! (Tom Petty)

Click on links below:

DuPont and the “Compact Majority” in Pompton Lakes – Where Life Imitates Art

Pompton Lakes council opposes Superfund status for The Plume 


More information - please click below:

Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes Fact vs. Fiction" SuperFund Sheet

Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes 10-Point Plan
Superfund Success Stories

SuperFund site status fails to appeal to the boro

"This article appears in the February 2011 issue of EM Magazine, a publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA; obtain copies and reprints, please contact A&WMA directly at
"This document has not been reviewed by EPA and does not
represent the opinion or views of the Agency, only the individual authors"
Special thanks goes out to Clean Vapor President Thomas Hatton for making us aware of this article and for reaching out to the authors.
Click on the link below to read the article:

A General (Evidence-Based) Framework for Assessing the Vapor Intrusion Pathway - Henry Schuver and William Wertz
More recent news articles - click on links below:


Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes is a registered non-profit organization.  Our organization provides environmental education, data and scientific assistance in a charitable way to and for the health and welfare of the public.

Accomplishments to-date:
1. Responsible for obtaining the right for the residents living in over 450+ homes located in the DuPont contaminated plume amd barrier area to soil sub-slab test their homes for the industry standard of 63 chemicals.
2. Residents now have the rigth to hire a NJDEP-approved private contractor  to perform the chemical pre-testing of their homes/property.
3. Residents can now hire a NJDEP-approved private contractor to design, install and monitor their vapor mitigation system to rid their homes of hazardous vapor gases at no cost to the homeowner.
Thanks to our Senators Lautenberg, Menendez, Congressman Pascrell and the Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes - Lakeside School in Pompton Lakes was tested for the first time since the initial contamination findings over 20 years ago!

Meeting with Federal Officials to bring awareness to our serious issues and problems in the affected area of our community.
Held and will continue to hold various open public meetings educating the public on pollution issues, bringing environmental experts to the community to discuss pollution issues and continue to bring awareness of the effects in the Borough of Pompton Lakes.
Click on the links:

Contamination related to Love Canal found in LaSalle

Another Ticking Chemical Timebomb Goes Off in NJ

Finding DuPont committed ‘fraud on the court’ by discovery abuses, Florida state judge strikes pleadings, leaving giant exposed in high-stakes case

"Pompton Lakes Gets Hope from EPA"

EPA Considers Adding Vapor Intrusion as a Risk Factor in Superfund Listing

Our executive director and other Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes resident members took a step forward!  Chemical testing was performed on their homes by their NJDEP/EPA approved private contractor this week for the full spectrum of 63 chemicals - air and soil-sub slab test!  It is important residents receive the full specturm of 63 chemical testing in air and soil-sub slab testing for future study and analysis of the contamination issues we are faced with in our community. 

We urge residents to start scheduling their testing with Viridian, Inc. (see left column for contact information ).  Our choice for vapor mitigation is Clean Vapor (see left column for contact information).

Click on the link:
Community action groups speak to the EPA
Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes DuPont Pompton Lakes
 Contaminated Sites/Neighborhoods
Serious Issues Of Concern
Works Serious Issues of Concern
Remediation Action Needed

Group Demands Accountability On Behalf Of The Plume, The Suburban Trends, December 22, 2010

UPDATE 12/16,2010 -  per an email we received today from the NJDEP, written procedures will be released and available to the public soon. 
Click on the link to read NJDEP's email from Mr. S. Maybury:

Re:  Chemical Soil Sub-Slub Testing In Pompton Lakes, NJDEP, 12/16/10

In the meantime, we strongly recommend ALL residents living in the contaminated area in Pompton Lakes, who were previously testing for 10 Chemicals, seek Soil sub-slab re-testing for 63 Chemicals!
We are here to help you - reach out if you need assistance! 

Attention all residents living in the contaminated Plume and Barrier areas in Pompton Lakes, NJ! 

NJDEP Work Plan Appendum Approval Letter, 12/9/10

All residents that previously received soil sub-slab testing were only tested for 10 chemicals which is NOT the industry standard of 63 chemicals (see our comments in left hand column)!  The reduction in the amount of chemicals  from "63 to 10" was an agreement reached by state/federal agencies and DuPont over 10 years ago before our groundwater was cleaned-up and before we were informed of vapor intrusion in 2008!
As per, NJDEP's Steve Maybury verbally communicated, in the Environmental Community Advisory Group Meeting (CAG) meeting on December 1, 2010 in Pompton Lakes, it was stated that if unsafe levels of the 53 chemicals were to appear in residents' sol sub-slab testing, (for example, the chemical benzene which has appeared in many air sampling in homes at "high unsafe" levels) further investigation will occur. Residents have contacted our organization and WE AGREE and are demanding clear, concise written documentation on what steps will be taken to ensure our safety! 
The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes has made a request,  to NJDEP's Mr. S. Maybury (late last week) and in turn, made a similar request last night to our Senators' and Congressman's offices, that the residents living in contamination to be provided with written clarification on what will be done if unsafe levels of the 51 chemicals are evident!  We will keep you posted on our progress.

DuPont Vapor Mitigation Work Plan Addendum Letter, 12/1/10

Pompton Lakes Hires Environmental Lawyer

DuPont Gave State More Tainted Soil


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes Give The Plume Residents A Standing Ovation!

Letter Campaign To Address Pollution Issues In Pompton Lakes



The Record:  Clear Waters


Thank you to the residents of Pompton Lakes that united and stood up for what would have been so very wrong for their future!  Special thanks to all of you that took the time out of their busy and environmentally-affected daily lives for attending the public hearing and contributing!  The bravery and and due diligence you displayed speaking at the hearing and following up with your countless phone calls to NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin did not go unnoticed!  Your messages to Commissioner Martin asking for the NJDEP to deny DuPont's Permit-by-Rule Application were heard! 
Your voices truly made a difference!  Congrats to all of you! 

Heartfelt thanks also to Executive Director of PEER, Mr. Bill Wolfe and Executive Director Robert Spiegel of the Edison Wetlands Association for their expertise and support of the residents at Monday's November 15th Public Hearing!

Special Thanks to Senators Menendez, Lautenberg and Congressman Pascrell for their continued support!

Click on the links below for related articles/videos:

Groundwater Remedial Action Workplan Addendum DuPont Pompton Lakes Works-March 2009

Public Notice

Explanation of Permit-By-Rule Process


The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes and their resident members will continue to strive for positive change and action.
We are committed to set a precedence for positive change in how America's contamination issues are handled and remediated.
The way we act upon the DuPont contamination issue in Pompton Lakes, can help others in the United States moving forward!

Together We Are Making History!


It is our understanding that this is a "first" which makes this a historical moment for the DuPont plume residents of Pompton Lakes!  This piece of history was created by the due diligence of the Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes and resident members that stood their ground!

The residents affected by the contamination in Pompton Lakes and live in distress and fear daily, need clean-up of the contamination and relief!  Human life must come first!

Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes New Flash!  September 27, 2010 Congressman Pascrell/Third Party Contractor Chemical Pre-testing/Vapor Mitigation

The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes stumbled across these alarming videos.  Click on the links below: